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Potential Unlimited 7

Cali California
The Princetons
Make You Love Me
Sarah Tolley
Everything Matters
Frankel Harper
Strings For Belts
Forbidden Fruit
Montana Peltzer
Alaskan Elk
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Potential Unlimited gives real emerging bands the chance to get some exposure to their market. Getting your songs onto a Cd and onto the web is the first step many bands take from being performers to being in the Music Business.

Potential Unlimited is a cross section of emerging talent across Melbourne. It signals the beginning of the Music industry careers for many of the acts and it is our hope that we continue to see them as they rise and flourish.

Their Potential is unlimited Potential Unlimited is a compilation Cd capturing the nature of what Vu is trying to create. The goal is to produce graduates who are ready for the challenges ahead and graduates who have had some real experience in dealing with these challenges as part of their course. Potential Unlimited exposes students to every aspect of the process of compiling producing releasing and marketing a compilation album.

As they embark on their careers their potential too is unlimited.

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